Grantham Journal letter: Sincere thanks for all your help with Poppy Appeal

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My thanks to the following for their help during this year’s Poppy Appeal collection:

Mr R. Ingamells, Mrs J. Smith and friends at Asda (£1,789.85); The Royal Navy Association during the day (£1,443.21); CCF in the evening (£807), both at Sainsbury’s; The stall at Moto (£670.81); WH Smiths at Moto (£330.76); the restaurant at Moto (£78.79); The stall on St Peter’s Hill (£1,047.28); The stall in the Isaac Newton Centre (£1,298); street collections by the ACF (£481.70); ATC (£267.75); Downtown (£880); Boundary Mill (£427.19); Brake Bros (£71.47); Corby Glen and district (£1,211.64); Colsterworth, Buckminster and surrounding villages (£2,117.43); Croxton Kerrial (£667.50); Knipton (£172.08); Ropsley (£626.85); Buckminster Park Horse Trials (£250).

Many thanks to all who collected door-to-door, to all schools, pubs, clubs, shops and banks and all who had collecting tins. To churches for their Remembrance Day collections: St Wulfram’s (£1,269.54), Denton (£35), St Anne’s (£280), Corby Glen (£200), Ropsley (£350), Croxton Kerrial (£158), Knipton (£47.29), St John’s (£39.93), St Mary’s RC (£119.80).

My thanks to Mr and Mrs R. Church, Mr I. Howlet, Mr B. Turner, Col J. Riggal, Mr R. Ingamells, Mr J. Knightall, Mr and Mrs J. Dawson, Mrs A. Lane, Mr E. Clark and Mr A. Sentence, for delivering and collecting poppy boxes and tins, and to those who counted the collection.

To WO11 J. Grant, Sgt M. Cooper and all at Prince William of Gloucester Barracks for their help, to the lads who looked after the stall on St Peter’s Hill, to Mr M. Thompson and staff at the Isaac Newton Centre, to the people who knitted poppies and sold them for the Poppy Appeal.

Many thanks to the public for their donations, the Poppy Appeal has banked to date £29,653.06.

Mrs Grace Knightall

Poppy Appeal Organiser

Grantham & District