Grantham Journal letter: ‘Snap’ scene that needs to be cleaned

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I write in response to the news that the Journal and South Kesteven District Council are joining together in declaring war on litter louts to make Grantham ‘Green and Clean’ (Journal, February 27).

I like the good intentions. It is about time we stood together on this clean-up.

Over the last few years it has really got out of hand and, dare I say, South Kesteven District Council has been to blame for most of the problem areas by not collecting the bagged rubbish in streets with no wheelie bins.

They have also allowed areas of ‘private’ land, such as the grassed area in front of The Bowl on Dysart Road, and others to be left to the wild.

These areas encourage the careless attitudes of the few, especially when you can’t find a bin, and where there is one, it’s crammed full.

May I suggest we photograph ‘Dozy Bins’ or ‘Dozy Areas’ and ‘Dozy Dog Owners’ to show we care about our habitat. Send them to the Journal.

John Sheppard

By email