Grantham Journal letter: So much for the season of goodwill

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I am writing in disgust and astonishment at how my wife was treated by a till operator in Morrison’s one evening.

She had been shopping in town and bought cards from Card Warehouse, which were placed in that shop’s carrier bag. She went to Morrison’s to pick-up a few items - nine in all, totalling £15.77.

She put her shopping in the Morrison carrier bags and the Card Warehouse bag and was informed: “You can’t do that! Morrison’s carrier bags are for Morrison’s shopping items only.”

The operator continued to rant on that they didn’t use carrier bags in Morrison’s Ireland and she would be glad when the company stop using them altogether.

Other shoppers in the queue were shocked and astounded.

When it came to pay, the card machine would not work and Mrs Happy starting ranting again: “You’re pushing it too hard, you’re not doing it right” However, she could not get it to work, either.

I rang to complain and the manangement were very sympathetic and said they did not agree with the employee’s actions. They assured me it would be investigated and dealt with accordingly.

However, I do feel it is my duty to warn other shoppers out there that the carrier bag police are at large!

So much for the season of goodwell, not that this sort of behaviour is good at any time of year. It does not encourage you to do your main shopping in this store with a weekly bill over £100 on a regular basis.

K Warke

Dysart Road, Grantham