Grantham Journal letter: Some crimes are not being reported

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Alan Hardwick states in his annual report that crime in Lincolnshire is down.

Anyone knows that it’s a waste of time reporting anything to the police as all you get is a crime number and told to get on to your insurance.

When Tesco gets two of their shops broken into, the police eventually turn up in force with forensic officers and what looks like every officer in the area.

Yet if your shed is attacked, it’s ‘tough luck, we haven’t got the manpower’.

Mr Hardwick wants to get off his backside and ask the elderly people why they do their shopping in the morning and then at teatime lock their doors. Some even keep them locked all day because they don’t feel safe with the way the police operate today.

It’s also known that if you try to report something, you are put through to Lincoln and when you say you’re in Grantham, the reply is ‘where’s that?’

A. Leeton

Harrowby Lane, Grantham