Grantham Journal letter: Something must be done to stop fish suffocating

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I read with great interest about the good work the Grantham Canal Society is doing at Woolsthorpe locks.

Now that is fine but on the other hand, in the Journal the week before there was a report about the state of the canal in Grantham.

Is there any way the canal society could get the weed cutter to clean the algae off the canal. Fish are dying due to the lackof oxygen.

It’s all right having rides up and down the clean canal, but something must be done to sort out the other end.

I know there will be idiots throwing rubbish into the water, but at least the fish can breathe. So if anyone has a printable suggestion I would like to hear it.

Sixty years ago, I used to watch shoals of bream swimming up from the Gas Works Lane end and then someone in their wisdom decided to build the Earlesfield. What more can I say?

Colin Renshaw

Cotton Road, Peterborough