Grantham Journal letter: Staff deliver first class care at Grantham Hospital

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My wife had to attend the A&E department on a Sunday morning, due to a fall the previous day, resulting in a badly swollen ankle.

The treatment she recieved was first class - we arrived at approximately 8.30am and by 5pm she had been examined, x-rayed and seen by two doctors who explained she had a serious break to her ankle.

She then had an operation to insert plates and screws to secure her ankle.

I would stress that this happened on a day when specialist medical attention is allegedly in short supply.

She was then transferred to Ward 5, where again the nursing and medical staff were excellent.

We have both had operations in the private sector and the care and attention my wife received in Grantham Hospital, equalled our experiences in the private sector.

Unfortunately, in spite of the above, there is a downside as I am now chief cook and bottle washer, due to my wife’s lack of mobility and am but a shadow of my former self.

David Green