Grantham Journal Letter: Statue of Thatcher as a child?

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As so many people have written already, whatever your political views, it is undeniable that Margaret Thatcher was an important figure in this country. In fact, she was extraordinary.

Thatcher earned a scholarship to Oxford and became an MP at a time when few women went to university or held political office. She was a successful scientist, barrister, wife and mother, all before becoming the UK’s first female Prime Minister. And she came from our town.

What saddens me is how mundane the chosen statue design is. What a conventional representation of such an exceptional woman. What is the point of creating a design that is so similar to existing statues of Thatcher? My suggestion would be that our statue should represent Thatcher as she was when she was in her home town – a child or young woman. What better way to commemorate where she came from?

I think Nick Fitt’s suggestion in Straight to the Point (Journal, August 30) to site the statue on the Asda roundabout is actually a great idea. A statue of young Margaret could be positioned facing her former home, as if she was walking home from school at Huntingtower Road Primary. This position would reduce vandalism, and the roundabout could be planted up with her favourite flowers.

I acknowledge that vandalism could be a big issue with a statue but who is going to be so low as to vandalise a statue of a child?

Taking the statue away from St Peter’s Hill could also form part of a town history trail, encouraging visitors to explore further afield than the High Street.

Helen Pack

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