Grantham Journal letter: Stick to area designated for building!

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I notice that Bourne-based builders Larkfleet Limited have once again resurrected their ill-conceived proposals to build a large housing estate at Manthorpe, despite the fact that the area affected is not situated within the boundaries designated by our council for the Grantham Area Action Plan.

The Secretary of State for Local Government, Eric Pickles, recently confirmed his opposition to similar examples of “unnecessary urban sprawl”.

As far as I am aware, it has never been the government’s intention that the National Planning Policy Framework would provide “carte blanche” for voracious developers and opportunistic landowners to build wherever they like.

My advice to Larkfleet and their cohorts is: start co-operating with the council, apply to build within the current designated areas or alternatively – go elsewhere!

M. MacGregor

Longcliffe Road, Grantham