Grantham Journal letter: Stretch of A1 is dangerous

Crash at A1 Great Ponton on February 1.
Crash at A1 Great Ponton on February 1.
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I do feel the A1 needs serious safety measures put in place as a matter of urgency.

There seems to be at least one incident a day in the parts I travel on, namely Grantham to Colsterworth.

I’ve lost count of the number of crashes, serious crashes and minor incidents, I have seen on this small stretch of the A1.

Most of the junctions have short or no slip roads, so you cannot gather speed and the turns in the middle of the road are terribly dangerous.

I don’t understand why something has not been done. If you travel 30 to 50 miles north on the A1 near Doncaster, there is a 50mph average speed camera area and you hardly see any problems there.

I believe something like this needs to be done as soon as possible as the accidents and crashes seem to be getting worse and more often.

It is a very dangerous road and I hope the Journal can highlight the problems.

Joe Cole