Grantham Journal letter: Suggestion

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Every day I drive along Bridge End Road, sometimes two or three times. The parking on each side of the road near the fast food junction somewhat hampers the lorries from passing each other.

Now here’s my idea to solve the problem caused by people parking on the path (understandably) outside their houses on both sides of the road. I was born on Houghton Road so know the park quite well. My suggestion is that the entrance to Dysart Park from Houghton Road is moved back inside thus allowing the creation of a car parking area at the site of the present entrance. This would be similar to the car park on Springfield Road, which took all the parked cars off the roadside.
It would take all of the cars off Bridge End Road and, if it was large enough, could help alleviate some of the congestion on Houghton Road.
The park could be locked every night and if sufficient lights are provided, it would help make the car park secure. With all the new houses being planned for Somerby Hill, the traffic would flow a lot easier than it does now.
Also, stop the parking right near to the bridge, nearest the left-hand side ( coming from town ) which allows people to park right on the bend outside the shop, thus causing the 
lorries to veer out towards the 
oncoming traffic. Parking could resume where the road gets wider after the bridge.
What do people think?

Robb Lambley

Saltersford Road, Grantham