Grantham Journal Letter: Thank you from family of Danny Walsh

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Immediately after the death of someone close to you, you’re either completely immersed in the million things that need to be done to deal with the impacts of the loss and lay that person to rest, or you’re trying your hardest not to move - just in case the Grief Monster that is in the room notices you, and decides to attack again.

When those attacks have come, and the uncontrollable crying sessions follow, each of us has thought about someone that has done something nice for us since Dan died. We’ve taken comfort and strength from the love, gestures and thoughts shared by so many. Whether they were big or small, each has played an important part in helping us to deal with the pain and loss.

As a family, we realise that we’ll never be able to track down and personally thank everyone that has helped us. We also believe the time it would take to do so, is best spent nurturing and caring for the young family left behind by Dan. Immediate family and friends already know how much we appreciate their love and support, but the public response has been unexpected, generous in thought and deed, and overwhelming. All monies received from the memorial activities and public collection shall be used solely to support the children that Dan left behind.

We’d like to take this opportunity to share our gratitude. Whether it was the sending of a card or flowers, organisation or attendance at one of the memorial activities, contribution to the public collection, or simply the taking of some time out to personally reflect on the sad loss of Daniel Walsh - we thank you all.

The Family of Daniel Walsh