Grantham Journal letter: Thanks for taking part

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I would liked to thank those people from the Labour and trade union movement who attended Saturday’s demonstration in London, called by the TUC, saying Britain needs a pay rise.

In particular, I would like to thank the GMB trade union for laying on a coach from Grantham.

The large attendance at the march sent a clear message to the Conservative/Liberal Democrat government that we are fed up with working people, people on benefits and pensioners getting poorer, with cuts in their incomes. Meanwhile, the very rich, who caused the financial crash in the first place, are getting richer. We have the money in our society, its just going to the wrong people.

And the Conservatives are planning to make things worse. Only last week, a Conservative minister (Lord Freud) was quoted as saying that some people should be paid as little as £2 (yes, two pounds) an hour. At the time of writing, David Cameron has resisted all calls to sack him. They are utterly shameless, skewing the whole economy to make the rich richer, while the rest of us pay for it,

John Morgan

Secretary, Grantham & Stamford Labour Party