Grantham Journal letter: That’s enough of the platitudes

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Grantham and District Hospital A&E overnight closure continues to feature both in the Journal’s reports and in readers’ letters.

The latest statement from Allan Kitt, chief officer for South west Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group, does little to allay apprehension, replete as it is with patronising platitudes.

How often have we heard glib phrases like “open and honest debate” and “we believe the people of Grantham and district deserve the best services”?

In fact in the late 20th century before Grantham’s hospital was part of the United Lincolnshire Hospitals trust it provided betters, more comprehensive services than it has been allowed to provide today.

ULHT medical director

Suneil Kapadia insists it is not safe to open Grantham A&E 24 hours a day; so does he

admit that ULHT’s decision to remove the doctors

from Grantham A&E rendered that department unsafe?

An anonymous spokesman for NHS Improvement seemed quite content merely to “seek on going assurance” from ULHT board concerning the impact of Grantham’s

A&E overnight closure - despite the fact that in NHS Improvement’s own recently published rating levels of openness and transparency, out of 230 trusts ULHT ranked number 22o.

How does that reconcile with a claim to engage in “open and honest debate”?

Brian Bruce, Colsterworth