Grantham Journal Letter: Thatcher statue will not attract visitors

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I see that from your reply to Tina Negus (Journal, September 6) that 120 people voted in favour of the three designs for a Thatcher statue.

So that’s 120 people out of an approximate population of 36,000!

Hardly a majority showing an interest then!

I have two comments to make; firstly, I agree with another of your correspondents that a statue will most certainly not attract visitors to the town. When was the last time any of your readers said ‘let’s go to ... there’s a great statue there!’

Secondly, the memories of this politician, so divisive as they were, are still very fresh in the memory of many. Maybe we should wait for a future generation of Granthamians to so remember this famous daughter of the town? Perhaps we shouldn’t bow to the ideas of what is essentially a Tory pressure group and have such a thing foist upon us.

Let’s promote those ideas from the other part of your Letters page instead, such as The Angel and Royal, gingerbread, our good schools, Isaac Newton and our proud engineering history, as well as a superb, Cathedral-like church.

We came to Grantham 30 years ago and things have certainly changed since then. However, we now have some good eateries in and around the town, one or two good entertainment venues, including the theatre and some great young bands playing locally. Certainly let’s promote tourism, but by accentuating our short train ride from London, our proximity to fine stately homes and castles, as well as glorious countryside and waterways for ramblers and fishermen alike.

As well as much to moan about, there is much to love about Grantham – let’s tell the world why they should come here!

David Taylor

Cavendish Way