Grantham Journal letter: The EU is just a black hole

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The remainers, Ken Clark, Hammond and co’s project fear campaign gets more desperate with it’s pathetic arguments and total denial of the state of the EU and it’s failure.

They cannot see that the EU is in fact a giant black hole. This is a place where our money disappears without trace,, money for the NHS, most charities, pension plans and PFIs ( Private Finance Initiatives ). This political institution, or club as it likes to be known, has sucked most European citizens down into a deep pit of financial and social destruction.

Without the referendum canary’s warning and our nation alerting others suffering under the Brussels tyranny the forthcoming domino effect, that will be the salvation of Europe, will have been too late. The dream of a Fourth Reich, unlike the third, will end hopefully without the tragedy and bloodshed of the last century when we last fought for our freedom.

By the way, the canary’s name was Nigel.

Rod Hatherill, Lodge Way, Grantham