Grantham Journal letter: This idea just will not go away

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I see the super council idea is still on the cards, why?

Can’t they understand that this is exactly what George Osborne wants so he can get rid of all the responsibility of each area and pass it on to area councils then when it goes wrong he is just going to say “tough, you wanted control and you can’t work it”.

Are the public going to have a say on this in a vote on wether we have it or are they going to take the government’s stance of we know better than you, we’ll do it our way?

It seems every one on councils are like Osborne and have pound signs for eyes. If the public gets asked you might find they want smaller councils, individual town and city councils with all council members being elected - even leaders - by the electorate with no jobs for the boys.

The larger the council the the more it costs to run because there are more people needed to run it, and the people at the top are going to want larger salaries. Any funding the government gives is going to be swallowed up in salaries leaving little left to run the county.

You’ve only got to look at Lincolnshire health to see how much of a failure large organisations are.

A Leeton

Harrowby Lane, Grantham