Grantham Journal letter: Time we had some honest answers

Grantham Hospital
Grantham Hospital
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The uncertain future of Grantham Hospital has featured in the Journal’s columns more frequently than many readers who depend upon its services may have wished.

Sadly, every time a specific question is asked of United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust we get ducking and diving responses which do not actually address the question.

What sort of confidence can people have when they are told by ULHT that there are “no plans to alter the ‘type of patient’ seen going through the doors of Grantham A&E”? How many people are thinking: “What ‘type ofpatient’ am I going to be classified as?”

ULHT chief executive Jane Lewington uses the word “unfortunately” to preface her statement that “services at Grantham will have to change”, before kicking the planned Grantham day surgery unit into the long grass. We are given no specific information as to the original day surgery remit, including timing and capital costs - so yet more obfuscation.

ULHT must be either devious or dim if they don’t understand that the people who pay them simply want honest answers to crucially important local questions.

Brian Bruce