Grantham Journal letter: To turn car park into housing estate would be daft

Watergate car park, Grantham
Watergate car park, Grantham
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What is wrong with South Kesteven District Council (SKDC)?

Time after time, and year after year, they keep coming back with various daft proposals to build on some or all of the car parks in the town centre.

They do not seem to understand that most people who come to Grantham town centre come by car, and if they can’t, they won’t. They will simply get in their cars, and drive somewhere else.

To sustain the shops, the market, the theatre, the museum, or, for that matter, the new cinema that they haven’t built yet, they will need more people to visit the town, not less. And that means having enough parking spaces.

Every town that has regenerated itself in the last 25 years has had to get their town’s car parking right. Yet, in Grantham, proposals from SKDC to build on car parks keep on coming back.

Given that SKDC is hardly the most dynamic of councils, it is surely only a matter of time before one of these proposals gets nodded through, even if it is only by accident.

And once it has gone, we won’t get it back.

All this is on top of the constant erosion of the number of on-street car parking spaces in Grantham.

John Morgan, Harrowby Road, Grantham