Grantham Journal letter: Town cannot be compared to major city

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As a native of the North East of England who has spent the last 21 years living in the East Midlands, I was interested in Dr Copeland’s letter in your March 14 issue.

I do not think that a direct comparison of the faciilities enjoyed by a major city with those of a small town can ever be a valid one, as the major city will always have an inbuilt advantage.

Dr Copeland has described Grantham’s negatives very well, but is very vague about the positive aspects. He speaks of the demise of Sunderland’s heavy industries, but appears to be unaware of the engineering and railway-related jobs lost in Grantham over theyears.

Sunderland’s shipyards have closed, but have been replaced by a myriad of leisure and shopping facilities. The coalmine has gone but, on its site, stands the impressive Stadium of Light. The city is also, of course, home to the most efficient car plant in Europe.

Grantham has its own charm, has a more favourable climate and its geographic location means that it is convenient for visiting any other parts of the country. Granthamians have every right to be proud of their heritage, but a spurious and flawed comparison with a much larger place is really not very helpful.

Tom Hills

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