Grantham Journal letter: Town council worked best for residents

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I’ve always said it was a bad day when they got rid of borough councils.

They were the best thing for the local people. Before 1972 you could find out who was your local councillor and you could talk to them and get things done.

Since 1972 no one knew who represented who, and if you needed to talk to them, well you could get a doctor’s appointment easier.

Let’s get rid of district councils and go back to borough councils, even looking at getting rid of county councils. They cost more to run than they’re worth.

But one thing we must ensure, is that all people on the council must be elected. Anyone who isn’t elected should not be allowed to take part in any decisions that are made, that way if the voters don’t like what is being done, they can get rid and get people in who represent the people in the borough, not as it is now - jobs for the boys.

A. Leeton

Harrowby Lane, Grantham