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Grantham Journal letter: Town’s problems were predicted

Accident and Emergency at Grantham Hospital
Accident and Emergency at Grantham Hospital

A few salient facts of the board’s mismanagement of Grantham Hospital as I see it.

Government £4 million winter fund sent to ULHT. Lion’s share sent to Boston as per Boston Standard Paper 11 September, 2016. Twenty-two new staff to Boston, others going to Lincoln and new IT systems. Hopes to open up new beds at Boston Hospital. They also get funding from the Clinical Commissioning Groups from November to March.

Why Grantham? Main issues facing A&E are staffing levels were at a dangerous low at Lincoln and Boston not Grantham. Grantham doctors were taken away and sent to Boston and Lincoln. Prelude to permanent closure of the A&E. Serious downgrading of the service which fits in nicely with the likely outcome of LHAC review from the perspective of ULHT.

There is also the effect on other services such as theatre, radiology, trauma, and orthopaedics, surgical and medical departments. If you don’t get the throughput via A&E it would compromise the viability of these other services.

ULHT did not undertake a public consultation on this change to service under the requirements as laid down under Section 242(1B) of the National Health Service act of 2006. Attendance statistics used for closure of our A&E were only taken from NG31, NG32, NG33 not NG34. It should also be noted that the police lost 78 man hours due to A&E closure.

Proof that when Grantham A&E closed patients cannot get treatment elsewhere even with a consultant in attendance. A 14-month-old patient was taken to Grantham, Boston, Lincoln and even Queen’s Med with head injury backwards and forwards for three hours to Boston and Lincoln with both hospitals refusing to admit her. Patient was discharged with advice for mother to supervise–treatment was refused.

Where has all the money gone? Grantham was never in deficit until it was taken over by the ULHT. Figures for Grantham only were not available to me when requested twice at board meetings.

There are many other instances of patients unable to get urgent medical treatment due to Grantham A&E closures and the distances involved, showing the many violations of health and safety that the board has inflicted on them in their pursuit of their longterm plan of dismantling our long suffering hospital.

It gives me no pleasure, only regret, that I predicted this over three years ago with letters to various health organisations, the Grantham Journal etc.

J. Bennett


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