Grantham Journal letter: Unbelievable comments

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Up until now I have largely enjoyed the musings of Peter Clawson.

Now he goes for the anti-PC vote with a whole host of sublimely illogical and factually incorrect assumptions and, flimsy simplistic nonsense worthy of Jim Davidson.

What he attempts to pass off as a ‘wind-up’ is the usual lazy excuse for wishing to be unpleasant and derogatory about foreigners and he should beware of fomenting hatred. Some may take him seriously.

His assertion that ‘humour’ was an escape for his generation is laughable in itself. He actually asserts that making up derogatory names for foreigners is acceptable. Unbelievable.

Also his assertion that ‘counselling’ is a bad thing for those traumatised by the horrors of war from whatever perspective ignores many men who were shot for cowardice when they were simply suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

As for his idea that ‘a flipping good hiding’ might act as an effective deterrent beggars belief. As someone who worked for over 35 years with many children who were over chastised and traumatised by their parents as a result this is an appalling statement.

Perhaps he should apply (or maybe you should) a little judicious editing to someone who has obviously completely lost the plot.

Perhaps I have missed the point. Is it an ironic article? Irony. A connected series of words used to convey the opposite meaning to the actual words used? No. I thought not.

Anthony Hindmarch

By email