Grantham Journal letter: Unemptied bins creating an eyesore

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I live on Queen Street, a delightful street and cut through that is the first point of eye contact for the weary traveller and visitor to this fine town via the train station.

I’m not going to bore you with details of commuter parking or fly tippers, no, I want to let you know about bin collection.

Gone are the days of the bin man coming into your garden, shouldering the metal bin down the passage and tipping it into the back of his wagon before returning your bin, closing the gate and with a happy whistle being on his way.

No, I do most of that now, and pay a healthy chunk of council tax for the privilege too. Thing is, I wouldn’t be too upset about doing half the job if they were to manage the other half of actually collecting it.

Our bins are scheduled for a Wednesday collection and I dutifully fulfil my part of the task by dragging my bins into the street (avoiding shoddily parked commuter cars and flytipped mattresses) every Wednesday morning.

I did just that for my recycling collection on March 19. It wasn’t collected. I left the bin out for a few extra days, just in case, but ended up hauling it back into my garden on the Sunday morning.

I did the same again on April 2, to no avail. The bins weren’t collected again.

I contacted the council, explaining my problem and was told that they had it on record that the bin wagon couldn’t gain access to the area, too many shoddily parked cars I would guess. But, the lady explained, they would send a smaller vehicle to collect on the Friday.

By Sunday my bin was still brimming with recycling and the rest of the street was filled with everyone’s litter blowing out of overfilled bins and floating around the place, making the whole area one huge dustbin.

I once received a letter from the council informing me that if I left my bin out in the street and not in my garden where it belongs, I would be fined. I’d like to know who do I fine?

I haven’t received the service I expect from my monthly council tax payments since my recycling bin was last collected on March 5.

Fingers crossed the council can get access to this area of town on the next scheduled date on April 16. Six weeks of recycling later.

Finn Hoggan

Queen Street, Grantham