Grantham Journal letter: Wage budget set by board

Barrie Pierpoint
Barrie Pierpoint
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Regarding the article on the back page of the Journal last week, I need to address some of the information stated. This is my right to reply and provide the correct facts.

I wish to point out that it was not me who set the playing budget; three directors - namely Peter Railton, the then chairman, Matt Smith, who has since left the club, and myself - were responsible for preparing all budgets and they were presented to a board meeting, were agreed by all directors and the team managers, which has all been minuted and on record.

No director at the time the playing budget was agreed stated it was unrealistic and they had plenty of opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns and change it - which they did not.

Keith Horton, the then commercial director, who was responsible for all club commercial activities including shirt and club sponsorship, was promising the club he had several sponsorships confirmed - on which the budgets were based. Keith in the closed season failed to secure any matchday or club and shirt sponsorships, as well as the other club directors who were either too lazy to bother or were nowhere to be seen for four months.

The club needs real financial investment which I was prepared to offer, but the other directors did not wish to provide; therefore, I felt I could no longer carry on as chairman without their backing.

It is sad to see so many good players leave the club and the vision I had for the club start to fade away.

Barrie Pierpoint

former GTFC chairman