Grantham Journal letter: Waste collection cancellation is shameful

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People getting to work in the snow ... children rushing off to school, wrapped up warmly ... bins being emptied by our dedicated hardworking council staff. What is the odd one out in this picture?

Yes, despite most of us getting on with life and struggling through the white stuff, it’s the bins that aren’t being emptied, despite the fact that by Tuesday, most of the borough’s roads were pretty much passable. Delays would be understandable, but saying “no recycling collection” for two weeks, rather than catching up through the week, is shameful and further proof (if it were needed) that we have a council that is really not fit for purpose and the sooner it is taken over by a team with a proper attitude to customer service, the better.

I spoke to Linda Neal, leader of South Kesteven District Council, who didn’t know, but thought it was “operational reasons”. This lame excuse really isn’t good enough, particularly for those of us who live on or near main roads in flat places (this is Lincolnshire, not the north Pennines after all).

Stephen Pearson

Long Bennington