Grantham Journal letter: We need a fund for bridge updates

Springfield Road bridge.
Springfield Road bridge.
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Considering Grantham can find over £600,000 for its spire renovation, how about a bridge update fund?

All Harlaxton Road needs is a few concrete beams to replace the arch. Springfield Road needs the track lifting by a couple of feet and some fresh beams placing correspondingly higher. The cost will be about the same as a couple of church spires, followed by 20 years of no bills for bridge repairs.

I am only guessing, but the government can find millions for inquiries into social services going back years and achieving nothing, whereas this is something that will improve Grantham for its future.

We are supposed to be getting high speed rail at the cost of billions of pounds. Our little problem could be solved with £1-2 million.

While the Springfield Road bridge work is done, one could let the shopkeepers there have an empty shop in the town at a reduced rate.

Perhaps Mr Boles would like to comment?

Steven Gray

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