GRANTHAM JOURNAL LETTER: We should unite to save countryside

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I refer to the comments attributed to Linda Neal, Leader of South Kesteven District Council, concerning the county council’s position statement on wind farms.

Firstly, our position has been based on clear, concise and impartial advice from our very experienced officers using planning appeal decisions from across the UK. There has been a clear scrutiny process that saw the statement supported unanimously by the All Party Environment Committee, which I chair.

Politicians should always be judged by what they hand over to the next generation. Lincolnshire’s greatest asset is its countryside, its big open skies and its natural environment. These things have no voice of their own, it is our duty to be the voice and it is our responsibility to stand up for our county, so future generations can enjoy what we have had the fortune to enjoy. Councillor Neal seems to have decided that fighting to protect the countryside of South Kesteven, for its residents, is beyond her ability.

She indicates that officers would not sign up to our position. It is for politicians to make the decisions and not the officers of the council. It might be best if she concentrates her mind on ensuring that her district council gets behind the county on issues such as this, and particularly in this case, when we have made it clear that we will support any district council who wishes to work with us to protect the countryside.

The residents of Lincolnshire overwhelmingly support the county council view on wind farms. However, it should be recognised that the county council has made an absolute commitment that we will play a full part in delivering a low carbon economy for our country. It will not be, however, at the price of trashing our countryside with a third rate and over-subsidised technology.

We will stand up to government on this issue and stand up for Lincolnshire. I invite her to join us, provided of course, her officers allow her to.

Coun Colin Davie


Environmental Scrutiny C

Lincolnshire County Council