Grantham Journal letter: We welcome offers of help

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Bottesford Senior Section Guides would like to say a big thank you to Sainsbury’s in Grantham, for allowing us to fund-raise by bag packing in their store in 2012.

We visited them on two different days and raised a total of £1,850.

We would also like to thank them in advance for allowing us to bag pack again this year.

We are planning a trip to Busembatia, a remote village in Uganda, in August this year, to work with scouts/guides and other children in the community and surrounding villages. We are planning to take with us clothing and other much-needed supplies and to carry out community works like building latrines and other essential items for local people.

The total cost of this trip is going to be £20,000 and will give our guides an experience never to be forgotten, as well as providing essential supplies and equipment directly to the people who need it.

If anyone has any other offers of help or donations of equipment or clothing for us to take with us, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you can, or you would like to find out more, please be good enough to contact Teresa Patchett (Tel: 07815 712110) for further details.

Teresa Patchett

Bottesford Senior Section Guides