Grantham Journal letter: What exactly will we get?

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Coun Charmaine Morgan suggests that there may be a parallel between the local debate for a town council for Grantham and the recent referendum for complete Scottish independence.

There are rather obvious differences in political scale and the consequences of the two results are clearly poles (should that be polls?) apart.

Coun Morgan touched a nerve when she said “unlike the Scots WE were unable to take part”. I have, happily, been a Lincolnshire resident for several decades. However, I was born in Scotland, brought up and educated in Scotland; I have a son, daughter and three grandchildren who were born in Scotland, yet like hundreds of thousands of ex-patriot Scots, I was denied a vote by the SNP.

So I heartily agree with Charmaine that the whole situation needs a thorough examination - if not, indeed, drastic political surgery. The terms under which devolution was put in place during the Tony Blair administration, to create a Scottish Parliament and a Welsh Assembly, have been a recipe for totally chaotic unfairness - as recent events have demonstrated.

I was delighted that those Scots, who were allowed to vote, sensibly rejected independence and chose to remain in the United Kingdom. Let us hope that common sense prevails on a local scale concerning ‘The Grantham Question’, although I suspect that many may struggle to comprehend exactly what political package is on offer; if we buy one, do we get one free?

Brian Bruce