Grantham Journal Letter: ‘What has our MP done for you?’

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The Countryside Alliance have branded Nick Boles a fool.

Well, if he is (and who am I to argue) at least he is in good company with the rest of this country’s politicians.

Remember, all you good people of Grantham, when May 2015 comes around just what this man has done for you...nothing!

Despite Ken Wingard’s admirable idea (letter last week) that we should try to change the attitudes of our leaders (they are too arrogant for that, Ken), we need to get rid of this fool who was “given” the seat and that’s why he couldn’t care less about this town or the people in it.

With a bit of luck there will an independent candidate in 2015 who might, at the very least, listen to what his or her constituents want and need!

I wonder if there is an “ordinary field” near his home that we could see a red brick jungle of “affordable” houses on?

Lt Col (Retd) Joe Adkins

Worcester Road