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Grantham Journal letter: What’s happening to our post service?

I read with interest the letter from Jen McLean about Royal Mail deliveries, or lack of, this Christmas.

Unfortunately, this seems to be an ongoing problem on Cavendish Way too, and not just at Christmas, most often, it seems, when our regular posties are absent and we have a temp delivering.

Just three months ago, a public spirited young lady from a couple of streets away knocked on my door to hand over a handful of mail posted through hers by mistake,same number, just wrong street. It included new bank cards for my wife and I, which together with the utility bills they accompanied would have allowed someone of a criminal mind to take advantage of that situation quite easily.

This has happened four times over the past 12 to 14 months to us, with mail missing and bank cards turning up ages after posting.

Trying to complain to Royal Mail online is now useless, as Jen discovered.

Does Royal Mail not provide a literacy or numeracy test for their new posties?If not, might I suggest they do.

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