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Grantham Journal letter: What talented artists

Artists at the Morphic exhibition in St Wulfram's Church.
Artists at the Morphic exhibition in St Wulfram's Church.

I was in St Wulfram’s admiring the works of Morphic, a collective of local students from Grantham College of Further Education.

As I made my way round the exhibition the choristers were practising; it struck me how lucky I was to be seeing the artworks of one group of talented youngsters whilst hearing the performances of another.

The creative collection of Morphic brings together some inspirational artists; their works were intriguing and beguiling. I was fascinated to read the account of each artist’s journey and how they had arrived at a particular point or set of understandings.

I was transfixed by the way that Hannah Doughty’s work with digital photography had captured some of her family’s history.

There was a disconcerting eeriness in Thomas Streeter’s ‘Not everything is what it seems’.

I saw some very beautiful prints and now regret not having bought one! Every artist in this exhibition had produced interesting and sometimes challenging works. It was fabulous.

Later on I moved down the road to the Guildhall to see more of the college’s students in ‘Not the Ordinary’, an interesting take on JM Barrie’s Neverland. Here, there was a wonderful mixture of talent vivacity and fun. The students had worked hard and produced a fable worth watching.

Murk and Tinker, Fairy Forensics Officers, were wonderfully realised as indeed were the myriad of other characters involved in the mayhem around solving the crime of the mysterious murder of Peter Pantaloon’s shadow.

The second half of the show was a mix of drama and dance and song. The Motown medley was my favourite, very polished and well produced it reminded me of being a similar age! I wondered if the Guildhall had ever experienced such a moving realisation of Salome addressing the severed head of Jokanaan. I am sure that Wilde would have wriggled with delight.

Cruising for a Bruising was slick, a credit to the performers. The singing of Somewhere Only We Knowby Chloe Colam-Johnson was hauntingly beautiful.

I left the Guildhall uplifted in the knowledge that Grantham has some wonderful youngsters working hard and able to perform at an extremely high standard.

Steve Welton

College Governor

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