Grantham Journal letter: What would be the cost to restructure?

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If Lincolnshire County Council were to become a unitary authority, then South Kesteven District Council would cease to exist.

Ordinary, normal people might think that if one layer of bureaucracy was stripped away and the whole structure streamlined, then financial savings could be made.

Sadly, the political mind does not operate like that. The overwhelming probability is that people from the ‘displaced’ layer would be given new 
positions with fancy titles and even fancier salaries to operate within an even bigger bureaucracy.

If SKDC disappeared into the LCC wilderness, a massive re-branding exercise would be inevitable. All the expensive SKDC signage, crests, logos, livery etc would presumably be redundant - and be replaced by costly alternatives.

If the unitary option is pursued, the formation of a town council for Grantham would clearly be on several political agendas. We can only wonder what the structure, authority and budget of such a council might be.

Has an accurate, honest and thorough ‘cost vs benefit’ exercise been done? I doubt it.

Does any politician actually know the true total cost to taxpayers of imposing a unitary system and can they specify and quantify the tangible benefits to taxpayers? My guess is probably not, but please don’t let that stop anyone from submitting factual figures, if they have any, to the Journal.

Brian Bruce