Grantham Journal Letter: Where is the referendum on council tax rises?

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I see from Coun M. D. Taylor’s letter last week, that the so-called ‘Nasty Party’ is alive and well here in Grantham!

If Coun Taylor really wants to focus on the record of past governments, let’s not forget the Tories in the Thatcher years squandering billions of pounds in North Sea oil revenues to pay for the massively increased benefits bill which her policies led to; nor mortgage interest rates of 15 per cent under John Major, when I remember my £50K mortgage was costing me nearly £600 per month!

The Labour government tried, too quickly perhaps, to improve the crumbling schools and hospitals decades of under-funding had left and were hit by an international banking crisis.

America has begun to shrug off some of the effects of that, which hit them just as hard, thanks to Obama’s policies - our government simply sticks its head in the sand!

I suggest we forget the past and look to the present and future. This Con-Dem government has been in power now for nearly three years; are things really getting better?

I note also in the Journal online that Tory-led SKDC is one of the few district councils proposing a council tax increase, just as everyone else is having to pull in their belts a little.

Is this what the electorate really wants, from either Government or district council? Where is OUR referendum on local council tax rises?

David Taylor

Cavendish Way,