Grantham Journal Letter: ‘Where’s the consultation on the future of the maternity unit?’

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I read your review of the year in your latest (December 28, 2012) issue. It was disappointing to see that NHS Lincolnshire had said that they were consulting on the future of the maternity unit at Grantham Hospital, but were not considering any other options apart from closure. That’s not much of a “consultation”, is it?

However, since then, members of SOS Grantham Hospital have been consulting local people on this issue. We have found that there is a large number of people from in, and around, Grantham, who want the maternity unit to be kept open.

There are many women in Grantham who want to be able to give birth in Grantham Hospital, but are currently being prevented. We shall be passing on comments nearer to the deadline in February, and hope that NHS Lincolnshire will take the results of their consultation sufficiently seriously.

In the meantime, anyone wanting a copy of the petition can contact us on 01476 574748.

John Morgan

Harrowby Road, Grantham