Grantham Journal letter: Why do some people fail to bin rubbish?

Keeping Grantham Clean and Green
Keeping Grantham Clean and Green
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We wish to add our support to the SKDC and Journal Green and Clean campaign and to encourage people in Grantham to take their litter home with them or use the litter bins in the town.

A clean and tidy town is much more attractive for townspeople and visitors alike. A clean and attractive town is more welcoming for incoming investors to open shops and businesses and for people to want to shop here.

Cleaning up rubbish has a cost which if reduced, could help provide the funds to do other things which would benefit the town. Throwing rubbish down is part of a culture that says “I don’t care about” the town I live in. However, the litter droppers probably don’t drop their litter in their own homes.

Late night journeys home from town always seem to result in much litter in Church Street and Castlegate and some routes home for secondary school children also coincide with more litter than other places.

I have kept a part of the lane I live in free of litter for 35 years. A new feature these past few years has been that dog owners do collect up after their dogs but I am always surprised at the number of their black bags I find thrown into the hedgerow. Again, I don’t imagine they throw the stuff into their own gardens.

I am not sure how you change the litter culture that also sees our major highway festooned with rubbish, the A1 being a classic case. However, I am sure your campaign is a good place to start.

Our other group, Rivercare, has been clearing up the River Witham and its parkland for many years.

At times we become daunted by what we see discarded and cannot understand why people who are probably kind and considerate in other aspects of their lives feel the need to throw anything and everything away when no one else is around.

Are more waste bins the answer? Probably not, since we find rubbish on the ground around the bins by the river and around those in the town.

I have yet to read a letter in the Journal from a litter dropper. There must be some brave ones amongst you who can Twitter and Facebook and tell us why you do it!

Courtney Finn

Grantham Civic Society