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Grantham Journal letter: Why I left the Conservatives

Coun Mike Cook
Coun Mike Cook

I would like to explain to the residents of St Vincent’s Ward why I “Crossed the Floor” at the last Council meeting.

Initially I was not happy with the way our leader, Cllr Bob Adams, was deposed. Bob was, and remains, a very popular person with all council members regardless of political colour, efficient, principled and he has a keen sense of humour.

However I was prepared to wait and see. I became increasingly unhappy as the plans of the new administration unfolded. Primarily I cannot understand the reasoning behind increasing the Cabinet posts, from six to nine, and the increase in the number of committees, with no explanation as how these increases are to be funded.

Also there are major structural alterations being made to the offices to accommodate the increase in the new administration’s staff, again no explanation as to funding. My own personal view is that funding can be achieved by a) Increasing the Council Tax; b)Carrying out a major re-hash of the aleady approved Budget; c) A close look at staffing levels, and all that implies.

It could also be a combination of any of the above,However, I shall continue to represent the residents of St Vincent’s to the best of my ability, this time without the Party restrictions.

I will do this as an Independent for the next two years, and you can rely on me to work hard on your behalf.

Coun Mike Cook

St Vincent’s Ward


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