Grantham Journal letter: Why must I do the council’s job?

Photo sent in by David Feld
Photo sent in by David Feld
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Is anyone able to explain why, when you complain to SKDC about noise pollution you, the complainant, suddenly become responsible for providing ‘proof’ of that pollution?

I recently complained about the appalling daytime noise (hammering and other banging, loud diesel engines and other motors) – and night-time spotlights, which shine into mine and my neighbours’ houses – emanating from a premises on Alma Park’s Ruston Road. I found myself receiving a form to complete. Why should I have to do this? Why should we, the public, have to do the job of SKDC’s department? Would they come and do our jobs?

The premises of which I write are those of Global Recycling, in whose yard a lorry engine is being left to rev as I write. The strapline on the company’s website is, believe it or not, “Creating opportunities for a better environment”! I think that they need to (1) look up the word environmental; (2) show some consideration to others; and (3) look to their own laurels.

David Feld

Third Avenue, Grantham