Grantham Journal letter: Why promote football in China?

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I don’t particularly agree with a local newspaper getting too involved in national politics and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I’m fed up with the ramblings of John Andrews, Julian Turner, D Turgoose, and others, airing their political views in the Journal.

That said, I am going to be unashamedly hypocritical, but it is a local matter!

Having read your article I have to wonder what sort of country do we live in when the likes of Bottesford Football Club, which runs teams from under sevens to seniors, have to go to extreme lengths to raise £25,000 in funds towards a clubhouse (and what a great job the club members are doing) when George Osborne, our chancellor, is quite happy to give China £3,000,000 of our taxes to promote youth football in that country.

Quite sad really, isn’t it?

Joe Adkins Lt Col (Retd), Worcester Road, Grantham