Grantham Journal letter: Will the train service cope with a rise in commuters?

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We have been slightly surprised by the lack of response from the parties involved, namely South Kesteven District Council, East Coast Trains and the developers, to our letter last month regarding the Spitalgate development.

Have they got a problem or have they got it covered? We would like to know, if only as commuters. How is the train service going to cope?

In addition we see from the Journal (October 17) that there are more houses due to be built in Grantham – 1,000 at Gloucester Road and another 350 at Fairview Farm. If this is correct that means that there are to be over 5,000 new homes to be built in the area over the next 10 years.

We also see that the new Spitalgate development is to be broadly based on a “New Town” or “Garden City”. Those names imply “overspill” and “commuter/dormitory” towns or cities.

Again, this is all potentially great news for Grantham and the community, and we assume that full thought has been given to how the occupants of these new houses will be served and how much new business/employment will be attracted to the area, to employ these new householders. If not, presumably the householders and inhabitants will have to commute somewhere to earn a living?

Whatever, the numbers of new individuals that are being proposed to live in these new houses is staggering. If proper thought has not been given as to how they (and existing inhabitants) can move around the area, or around the country, either by road or rail then it might all end in “boom and bust” as people move back towards London or to an area better served by the train system, which, as we have said, can barely cope as it is.

Could someone give us an answer as to these important issues?

Perhaps our MP might be able to add something.

Alistair Troughton

Burton Coggles

Christopher Jeffreys


Alastair irvine

Little Humby

Peter Stephens

Old Somerby