Grantham Journal letter: Will this gem survive the developers?

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One of Grantham’s gems is The Paddock, south of Wyndham Park, between Stonebridge Road and St Catherine’s Road – a green oasis near the town centre.

A few years ago, the look was spoiled a bit, when someone in the planning department allowed the Waterfront flats to be built across the river, overshadowing The Paddock, especially in the evenings.

Nevertheless, The Paddock does still have green vegetation on three sides.

But not for much longer. Today, I walked down St Catherine’s Road, and saw that the new development being built appears to be felling mature trees.

You cannot see the stumps because of the high fence, but some are definitely missing, and the tree in the skip is a bit of a giveaway.

Will South Kesteven council’s planning department stand up to the developers (which, after all, is the job we pay them for) or will they stand by and watch another of our green open spaces go?

Watch this (green) space.

John Morgan

Harrowby Road, Grantham