Grantham Journal letter: Wind farm benefits outweigh the wishy-washy negatives

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WITH respect to the opposition to wind farms, bearing in mind that we are not in an area of outstanding beauty, or scientific interest, and that we are struggling to move from a recession, combined with the fact that alternative sources for energy must be harnessed at the earliest opportunity, the flimsy argument against these farms comes down to bare faced “nimbyism” again, with a measure of short sightedness.

Yes I would live in an area with these turbines, before you ask, as the obvious benefits outweigh the rather wishy-washy negatives. If plans were cancelled based on the objections mooted, do they not realise that, actually, we would not get any built at all nationwide?

Construction of these turbines offers real tangible benefits in the immediate short term, coupled with a proven way of reducing dependence on fossil fuels that will have a bearing on the planet inherited by our future. Imagine a hundred years from now in a ruined, polluted Earth, that we look back and say if only we had done something. We had the chance but we were all more bothered about the view being obscured or house prices being reduced.

Jobs are created and sustained, in building, wiring, transport, planning and legal, and maintenance over the turbines’ life. We have a chance to become a leader in this technology worldwide, all we need is enthusiasm and tolerance. In years to come, let’s not be embarrassed by our failures again with hindsight, let’s put aside objections and grab the chance now.