Grantham Journal letter: Wonderful care at GP surgery

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It is human nature to report the bad things that happen so I wanted to give some praise to a doctor’s surgery who really do the best for their patients.

I have been a patient at Swingbridge Surgery in Grantham for many years and I have nothing but praise for them.

Throughout the years, they have provided me with the medical care I have needed including supporting me through two pregnancies.

Over the last three weeks I have had cause to contact the surgery about the health of my two year old daughter, On the first occasion, she developed a rash on her face which was spreading rapidly. I took her to the pharmacist round the corner from my house who suggested taking her to the doctors immediately. At 4.30pm, I didn’t expect to see a doctor at our surgery and expected to be asked to go to the Out of Hours service but I was very surprised to be told by the ever so helpful and understanding receptionist that the Duty Doctor would fit her in at 6pm and to get her to the surgery ASAP. What service!

Luckily it turned out to be an allergic reaction and nothing too serious.

Unfortunately three weeks later, my daughter became ill again with a high temperature of 40 degrees centigrade. She had been taking Calpol without it having any effect so I contacted the surgery for some advice.

I asked the receptionist, Rachel, if I should carry on with the Calpol or if there was something else I could try. Rachel went immediately and spoke to the duty doctor who looked at my daughter’s notes and due to her previous ill health he decided to be on the safe side and that he wanted to see her. Again, ringing at 3pm, I didn’t think I would get an appointment, only to be told to get her to the surgery and the doctor would see her.

Despite a thorough examination, the doctor couldn’t find a cause for her temperature so advised to keep taking the Calpol and booked her an appointment for the following day as a follow up.

I can’t praise the medical care and kindness shown by all the staff and doctors at the surgery. Too often people write letters about the bad surgeries in town, so I wanted to write to say thank you to Swingbridge for taking such good care of my family and what a great job they are doing.

Victoria Atter