Grantham Journal letter: Wonderful mayor deserves praise

Mayor of Grantham Ian Selby
Mayor of Grantham Ian Selby
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Over the past few months I have read letters knocking Mayor Ian Selby – unfairly, so I would wish to draw your attention to the wonderful, energetic feel he has cast over the town.

No one in our recent history has done more – working tirelessly and with sheer determination, dedication and commitment to promote our town in any way he can, andhe does so with a spring in his step and lightness of his heart.

Any decision is meticulously thought through before being executed into reality!

Grantham will be the poorer when he steps down, as we all will be!

I hope he gets another opportunity to grace the office at a future date. We need his like and more like him. So stop knocking and stand shoulder to shoulder with him and say ‘thank you’ Ian Selby for all your efforts; you were there when Grantham needed you.

Mrs S. Metcalfe

High Road, Londonthorpe