Grantham Journal letter: Zebra, not pelican crossings please

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That highly bureaucratic and aloof breed - the traffic engineer - has had a very restrictive influence on the freedom and safety of pedestrians in Grantham recently.

I say safety because all the re-engineered pelican crossings in our town are now encouraging us, through sheer frustration, to ignore their green man signal.

Pressing the permission to cross button will result in a lengthy wait breathing in diesel fumes.

This may suit a traffic engineer’s best traffic flow theory but ignores the waiting pedestrians especially at low traffic times.

Surely with the latest real time computer and camera technology the system’s timings can reflect pedestrian needs, some who may be slow walkers or even disabled?

Even the safe refuge traffic islands have been removed to accommodate extra lanes for trucks and cars.

We need zebra crossings not pelicans, round-abouts not controlled junctions, so that drivers are trusted to obey the law and give way to us like they have to each other, at roundabouts.

Courtesy costs nothing.

Rod Hatherill

Lodge Way, Grantham