Grantham Journal letters: A patient’s ‘Ode to the NHS’

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I have written this ode to say thank you and to express my appreciation to the NHS.

This is about a true incident that happened to me on Monday morning.

Sven was the paramedic who drove me on flashing blue lights to QMC at 1am in the morning.

Thank goodness for people like Sven and others,

Who go the extra mile to protect their brothers,

On a Monday morning at one o’ clock,

He broke the speed limit and didn’t stop!

He wanted to get me to where I needed to be,

Which was the shining beacon of QMC,

With not an ambulance available; no other help in sight,

He stepped up and drove us to help through the night.

We arrived in resus at the point of two,

And were met by kind, competent professionals, who knew just what to do.

After questions, manoeuvres and tests galore,

I was mended and able to leave at four.

So, thank you to the nurse who made me laugh,

And to the doctor who knew how to heal me with his craft.

At times, I think we have lost the plot,

We should PROTECT and APPRECIATE what we’ve got.

Our NHS is second to none,

The Government should reconsider what it’s done!

In a time of politics, cuts and tripe,

When Government policy is to make belts tight.

This is my second heart trip to A &E:

On both occasions it saved me.

Mrs Claire Lewis

By email