Grantham Journal letters: Bring back the raft race

Raft race on the River Witham in 1983.
Raft race on the River Witham in 1983.
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Readers have been reacting to a call to bring back the River Witham raft race.

After Paul Bellamy contacted the Journal to see if there is any support in the town for the revival of the race we recevied the following responses.

I think it would be wonderful to bring the raft race back to life, to hear people laughing at their mates trying to float down the river Witham, the team work going wrong, the rafts coming apart, everyone getting wet – what a great time was had by all.

Oh yes I nearly forgot the flour bombs we used to drop on the rafters, great times, great day, great fun.

I think it was only health and safety that helped put a stop to this.

Let’s get it up and running again, it is just what the community needs. Fun, fun, fun.

B V Wells

By email

I read the article about the raft race with a smile, as before I ended up in Dorset as the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner (Alan Hardwicks Dorset equivalent) I was born and bred in Grantham and was a boarder at King’s School.

I think the raft race has a greater history than your story mentions!

I remember raft races when I was boarding at age 10 or 11, making this a local practice going back to the late 60s, and probably earlier!

How great to bring this tradition back?

Martyn Underhill

By email