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Grantham Journal letters: Councillors should work for area, not party

By Grantham Reporter

Recently there was an article asking people to make sure that they are on the electoral roll so they can vote at the May elections.

There was no mention by being on the electoral roll, you can stand for office.

There are over 70 parish councils in South Kesteven and 56 district councillors, all of which are up for elections.

At the moment, South Kesteven District Council is made up of 44 Conservative members, four Independent members, four SK Independents members, three Labour members and one Unaligned member.

I personally believe that the district councils should be working for the benefit of their district and not tied to a party. At the moment, the leader of South Kesteven District Council says jump and his members will say how high. There are a few councillors who will ask questions why decisions have been made but will be accused of whining.

We have spent £710,000 on restructure since we have had a new leader which, in my opinion, means that if you do not get on with me, you are out.

At the full council meeting on January 31, questions were asked by the public about the heating in Riverside flats in Grantham and the Boxing Day Hunt meet. The responses they received, putting it politely, were pathetic.

David Fowler

Barleycroft Road,
Corby Glen

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