Grantham Journal letters: Difficult to avoid smoke in street

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After my heart attack and triple by pass operation, and my lung problems, (despite stopping smoking some 22 years prior to the attack) I try very ed

Now there are clouds of white smoke spewing out of vapourisers ( blow pipes). I have so far not got any cancers, but the cancerous toxins are present in the blue and white smoke being expelled from these foolish smokers.

Trying to avoid this 
cancerous smoke, when downwind is very difficult to achieve.

Trying to enter shopping areas and any building where smokers congregate, is very difficult, unless you can hold your breath for long enough until you are past the smoke screen.

I have difficulty finding fresh air in all towns and cities, which are full of exhaust fumes, and now outside smokers’ fumes.

Mr F. S. Jessop

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