Grantham Journal letters: Disappointed by garden centre trip

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I am dismayed by my recent visit to Downtown

Having recently lost our family cat we were in search of a stone cat to place on our deceased cat’s grave in the garden. Whilst at the garden centre we also considered looking for a winter clematis.

We found the stone cat to fit the bill but the clematis plants were in a sorry state. There were a few green leaves and a couple of buds on the species we opted for and my husband said maybe the plant could be resuscitated by watering copiously, which obviously had not been done for quite some time.

When we finally tracked down the one member of staff in evidence there, we asked whether we could have a small discount given that the plant was in such a sorry state. He said he thought there might be a possibility of a 10 per cent discount with which we were more than happy, as a goodwill gesture, but he had to get corroboration from his manager. After a long time lapse he eventually returned with the reply in the negative.

We left the shop with neither the cat nor the clematis, determined to look online. Downtown lost a possible £30 sale. Business sense? For the sake of losing a pound off a less than perfect plant specimen.

Christine Thomas